location: Los Angeles California
Focus: the beautiful people who plan on making the world theirs

Tinsel Town USA. The place that can make you, break you, put your name out there when nothing else could or grind you beneath its boot. Between movies and music and modeling, there’s something out here for all those that dare dream big. When they see those big letters on the hill, weary travelers from all over stop and stare like a deer caught in the headlights. Some make it on their own talent and some do nothing but sell their souls.

Making it or not, they all need a place to stay and that’s where Andoain comes in. More an old renovated mansion to fit the mood of the district then an actual hotel, the floors are studded with hopefuls and success stories alike ranging from guests to the people who work there. All over the world people arrive, but this hotel is different. Each person who steps foot inside have the characteristics of not only the seven virtues, but one of the seven sins as well.

With everything going on, will there ever be peace inside Andoain?

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Annabelle Vega

Guest|19 years old | Selena Gomez |Greed and Humility

   She wants this, she wants that, and she’ll wave away any complements her way as she plots how she can get the next pretty thing to catch her eye.

Born and raised here, meet L.A’s own up and coming star. She was the girl who people swore would make it big, would make a name for herself even back when she was in diapers.  Being from here definitely gives someone some curb appeal, she knows how to walk, how to talk and how to hold herself to keep everyone coming back to her for more and she never let her cheering fans down. Annabelle was that girl in school. The it girl, the popular cheerleader cliché that seems to never exist outside of stories and those bad made for television movies. She had the best clothes, the best toys and when she got older, the best boyfriends. Her parents are wealthy-not terribly, but just enough for them to get by comfortably in the town where it costs a million for your soul and a penny for a kiss. She was spoiled, coddled, but taught right from wrong from a very young age by her conservative mother. Her father wasn’t around much due to his work, but it was that same work that allowed them to take their yearly family vacation to places such as Paris and Cancun. Her mother and father were loving yet firm, high school sweethearts that had grown up right next door to each other in houses down the street where Belle herself was raised. White picket fence to match the shutters and a fireplace that was roaring every Christmas and Christmas eve to add to the atmosphere even when it was a hundred degrees outside their little haven. That was the life she lived and she loved it more than anything.

Belle is what they call a dreamer first and foremost. She dreams of everything-love, success, owning that amazing sundress in the summer line. Everything in the world she dreams about having and most of the time she gets it, either from her loving parents or her own sticky fingers if the price tag is to hefty for them to afford. Yes, our cute little dreamer is a klepto for the finer things in life yet no one has been able to prove such a thing. She does it so skillfully that not a thing can be pinned on her. Leaves no trace, and can easily come back to the same store or look a person in the face with a smile dancing upon her own the next day after pinching something.  In many ways she’s like a child but at the same time she’s mature beyond her years. It can seem confusing but she can pull it off perfectly. Friendly and kind and always willing to make a friend, the girl’s always up got a party but she’ll be gone by the time it’s time to clean up half the time. And don’t even think about paying this beauty a complement. She won’t even think about taking it, always brushing it off with a smile and saying how it’s not true. She’s like a Disney princess incarnate to the public.

With a face like hers, it’s a wonder she’s into acting instead of modeling. In the year that she’s put herself out there, Annabelle had stared in eight commercials, made two appearances on television programs and lasted forty-eight minutes before being killed off in the new horror flick scheduled to come out next month. She’s fresh faced, a baby in the industry still but this up and coming actress has already started making a name for herself. She longs for the days where she can’t step outside without cameras flashing in her face and in her mind; they’re not that far off. She’s just arrived at Andoain and she plans on taking it by storm for however long she decides to stay. Hopefully the smile will stay on her face and she’ll concern herself with sucking up to producers and layout out by the pool rather than eying what the full fledged celebs have and wondering how she can get it for her own.

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